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About HajiSons

Revolutionizing agriculture in Pakistan by bringing in technology innovation.

HajiSons, established in 1955, started off by practising corporate farming. With a mission to revolutionize the agriculture sector of Pakistan, Hajisons realized that there is a need to upgrade complete supply chain and aimed to bring all solutions under one roof  

Hajisons got its initial breakthrough by changing the mindset of small farmers and introducing to them the technology of greenhouse, for off season rates and to broaden the production window. The first greenhouse was constructed using bamboo sticks. Pakistan now has most modern greenhouse technology.

The success of greenhouses boosted the confidence of farmers to use hybrid seeds in open fields as-well. HajiSons takes pride in providing best quality hybrid seeds throughout Pakistan.

Introducing drip irrigation was the next big initiative taken by the company. The government of Pakistan provides 60% subsidy to farmers who are willing to shift to drip irrigation and HajiSons is their main project partner.

With the aim to save time and enhance the yield HajiSons recently introduced, to farmers, the concept of using seedlings instead of seeds. By setting up a highly modernized seedling production plant, the company is distributing seedlings to farmers all over Pakistan.

By establishing Royal Crop Sciences (RCS), HajiSons now aims to serve the market of pesticides and chemicals as well as promoting post-harvest (hermetic) technologies.

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