Jamia Anwar-Ul-Quran Activities

Jamia Anwar ul Quran

Jamia Anwaar-Ul-Quran

HajiSons vision was to change the concept of the education system of traditional Madarassa culture in our city. For that in collaboration with the administration of madarassa, we designed the curriculum for the students already studying there. Along with their Nazra and hifz studies, introduced them to the current modern education systems to make them strong enough to compete well in their professional lives later on.

Separate male & female set-ups are established, providing them all the facilities they deserve. A lot of hard work is done on the brought up of the students. Events such as debate competitions, Sports gala, and other extra-curricular activities are conducted for students. Apart from this computer skills, spoken English and current affairs are what Anwar-ul-Quran focusses on. Our students stand out because of their confidence and discipline.