Peat Moss

Dead fibrous material, used as a soil amendment. It serves several purpose: aeration of plant roots in heavier soils, adding body to sandy soils, absorbing and retaining more moisture and reducing leaching of nutrients in soil.

Seedling Trays

Used for sowing seeds. Use of seedling trays reduces production cost, improves efficiency, maintain consistency in plant seedling growth and Do not damage roots when transplanting ensuring high survival rates.
Available in different sizes.

Coco Peat

The fibrous coconut husk. As a growing medium provides an alternative to potting soil featuring high water retention, suitable aeration, and antifungal benefits.


Grow Bag

Addressing the issue of lack of backyard space. Grow bags are reusable, portable, reduces moisture loss and a great alternative to a raised bed.

Available in different sizes.

Tissue Cloth for Greenhouse

Due to climate change pest effect has increased significantly causing many viruses. The best solution to avoid pest attack is to grow under tissue cloth. Hajisons has arranged spun bond cloth for crop protection.


Crop Net

For trailing vegetable crop net is the best solution for:

  • More plants in same space
  • Better pollination
  • Better quality & color
  • Less diseases
  • Higher yield