Post Harvest Technologies

Post Harvest Technologies

Introducing, Ultra hermetic technology, First Time in Pakistan, In Collaboration with GrainPro!

GrainPro Storage Technology

GrainPro’s line of environmentally-friendly, easy-to-use and affordable storage and drying solutions are designed to reduce post-harvest losses of dry agricultural commodities. GrainPro’s solutions do not require the use of any toxic chemicals; thereby, increasing the global supply, reducing hunger, eliminating health risks, and improving smallholder farmers’ incomes.


1. For Drying

  • Collapsible Dryer Case
  • Solar Bubbler Dryer

2. For Storage

  • Premium SGB-RZ
  • Premium SGB-RT
  • SGB-Farm

3. For Transportation

  • TranSafeLiner Sheet (TSL-Sheet)