In Collaboration With Dutch Ministry of Agriculture & EastWest Seed

A contribution of quality seed to the total production is 20%, depending upon the crop it can be further raised up to 45% with efficient management of major inputs, like the use of healthy seedlings. HajiSons came up with the solution of ready-made seedlings to decrease the loss of quality seeds yet increasing the yield of farmers by providing him nourished and well developed healthy seedlings.

At our farms, we have specialized greenhouse nurseries to raise and handle young seedlings until they are ready for permanent planting. In this way, nearly 100% quality seeds are germinated and developed into healthy seedlings under control conditions.

Seedling production is done on order for almost all the seasonal vegetables, delivered to the customer and transplanted in the field under the supervision of our field experts. Our field experts are trained especially for helping farmers in duties of sales and promotion and also helping farmers in solving field related issues at farmer’s door step along with Sales & Promotions.

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