Plantation of F1-1554, 16th March 2021, Sindh.

F1-1544: Better Yield with Better Variety

20th March 2021

F1-1544: Better Yield with Better Variety

One way HajiSon’s commitment to eradicating the many plights of small farmers in Pakistan is fulfilled is by bringing in better seed varieties to the market. However, what makes HajiSons stand out among other agriculture seed providers is its determination to educate farmers about effectively and efficiently using such seed varieties.

Small farmers from Sindh feed tomatoes and chilies into the rest of Pakistan but end up suffering when they opt for low-quality seeds as a cost-cutting practice. Using Hajison’s tomato seed variety by the name of F1-1544 yields 240 tomatoes per plant compared to a low-quality seed that only yields 70 tomatoes per plant. Apart from an increase in overall yield, the tomatoes are bigger, brighter, and heavier with a relatively longer shelf-life.

In the recent past, Pakistan has suffered tomato shortages due to which tomato imports increased. However, with newer varieties that HajiSons is trying to introduce to more and more farmers by the day, hope can be attached to having tomato surplus in the future.

Visits by the field officers of HajiSons look promising as many farmers present their testimonials. A farmer, Muhammad Hanif from Sindh claims, “We have used many (tomato) varieties before but HajiSon’s 1554 is really good. It has caught no disease. It also has a higher yield and size. According to me, this one is the best that I’ve used.”