Pakistan Takes Over the Presidentship of APSA

20th November 2018

Pakistan Takes Over the Presidentship of APSA – An alliance of 60 Countries

The Biggest Honor in the Global Seed Industry is Awarded to Pakistan. In the 25 years-history of APSA, Mr. Tahir Saleemi – Managing Director of Haji Sons, is the first Pakistani to be elected as APSA President.

APSA is the world’s largest regional seed trade association in terms of members and territory, and its member countries account for more than one-third of the global seed trade. The 25TH Asian Seed Congress hosted by APSA (Asia Pacific Seed Association) was held in Manila from 12th-16th November. 1600 members from private companies, government agencies and representatives of other global seed associations participated in the Congress. APSA’s General Assembly Meeting was held on the last day of the Congress during which election for five new executive members was held. At this occasion, Mr. Saleemi stepped up as the President after serving as APSA Vice President for two years. This is for the first time APSA is being headed by a Pakistani. Mr. Saleemi associated his success with the success of Pakistan. While talking to media, he showed determination to get international recognition for Pakistan’s agriculture industry. Moreover, he shared that approval of ISTA (International Seed Testing Association) lab in Pakistan is one of his priorities.

In his presidential address, Mr. Tahir Saleemi thanked all the members and shared APSA’s plan to meet the global challenges of climate change, drought, and increasing pests. “APSA will play its role in the innovation of breeding techniques and facilitation to overcome bottlenecks in international trade,” he said.   Furthermore, general assembly approved the executive committee’s proposal to shift the headquarter of APSA to Singapore while keeping its operational office in Bangkok.

The 5-day congress featured exhibitions, trading tables, private meeting rooms, and social networking events. Technical sessions were also held to address the global food security challenges under serious threats of climate change and to discuss innovations in the seed industry. In these sessions, governmental and non-governmental experts shared their experiences and plans with the audience.  

Upon receiving the Presidentship of APSA  many eminent personalities of industry, political and social and journalists congratulated Mr. Tahir Saleemi on his big achievement and for bringing pride to Pakistan.