Minimising Post Harvest Losses – Exclusive Interview

22nd October 2018

Minimising Post Harvest Losses – Exclusive Interview With Mr. Saleemi

Managing director of HajiSons Mr. Tahir Saleemi discussed post-harvest losses and its solution in an exclusive interview with Nawai-i-waqat

He said Hermetic technology is the most effective way of saving the dried agricultural commodities from Insects and aflatoxin. It is gaining more attention nowadays across the world. After the successful introduction of Tunnel farming, Hybrid seeds, Drip irrigation, Haji Sons took a step to further revolutionize Pakistan’s Agriculture by introducing post-harvest technologies.

HajiSons is the only firm that is working on value chains of horticulture in all provinces of Pakistan including Gilgit Baltistan. In previous decades, Red chili from Pakistan was the most demanded chili but now due to aflatoxin issue, its export market is deteriorated. Non Judicial and extensive use of Sulfur in dry fruits is causing drastic effects as ulcer, Mouth cancer, and allergy and stomach problems to the resident of Northern areas. Hermetic technology has proved as a preliminary step in the betterment related to food quality and security. Moreover, Phosphine tablets used in wheat storage are responsible for anemia in children and pregnant women. Food Department can move towards this technology by skipping the health hazardous tablets and expensive godowns and can easily monitor their storage via computer and mobile monitoring.

Hermetic technology can be adopted easily if the government, with the alliance of some private partners, can set up some storage model in every district.

Hermetic Technology includes:

  1. Solar Bubbler Dryer (SBD):  a plastic tunnel driven through a fan extracts the moisture from stored products and helps the commodity in drying and makes it safe from aflatoxin.
  2. Cocoon: it is waterproof and can be installed anywhere without any building and structure.
  3. Collapsible Dryer case (CDC): it is a specialized drying sheet which protects grains from sudden rains and night dew.

Complete Interview: https://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/lahore/2018-10-22/page-12